What is Capoeira?

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Capoeira is a Brazilian Martial art camouflaged with dance and music. It encompasses elements of several different arts. Those who practise Capoeira learn Capoeira martial art techniques including acrobatics, play the instruments and are able to sing the Capoeira songs.

Capoeira is a really social art. It is played in pairs inside a circle of people (roda) and it is a constant musical and physical interaction between practitioners.

Capoeira is used in different social and sporting environments. You can find this art taught in Dance studios, kindergartens, schools, universities, special needs programmes, gyms, fight competitions, refugee camp programmes, film and media, security / police / military forces, rehab programmes, music academies, show companies, Phd studies and more. There are several cases where professional Capoeira teachers have brought Capoeira to areas where it is helping people in need or in difficult situations.

Please have a look at our Capoeira History section to know learn more about its background.


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