Capoeira is a multi-discipline art. It covers different disciplines like social, music, arts, instruments, poetry, media, creativity, martial arts and more.

It is never is too late to start training Capoeira. It is practiced by 2 years old kids right up to 80 years old adults!

Capoeira has a positive mental and physical impact for people who practice it regularly.

a) Physical improvements are shown in:

  • Coordination, Speed & Balance of your body
  • Weight loss, Muscular tone & Strength
  • Flexibility, Cardio, Stamina & Endurance
  • Control of your body & movement, Self-defense & Acrobatic skills

b) There are also lots of Mental benefits:

  • Stress reduction with the physical activity
  • Self confidence gained through playing Capoeira, leading or singing in front of others
  • Self expression through movement and music
  • Creativity in songs and musical rhythms
  • Musicality and rhythm improvements while immersed in the study of instruments
  • Compassion – helping other students and motivating / coaching them
  • Inclusivity of Capoeira helps to loosen racial, gender and other prejudices
  • Sociability because of the interaction between practitioners and other groups
  • Cognitive advantages adquired learning another language – Portuguese language, kept as the vehicular of the practice of this art
  • Discipline and respect for the teacher, older masters and students
  • Getting used to overcoming your Capoeira challenges and difficulties can also help with your personal goals
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